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I passed by his grave,
a red rose wooed me
it was beautiful and smiling at me.
I saw his face and the glitter in his eyes.
He died a year ago,
old and wise,
I had known him earlier, yet he was just a stranger,
till we became friends,
 then a mentor though in his last days in this bus of life.
He was old and ready for the other world.
his faith in God gave him strength each day,
and he feared not death.
The rose was singing a well composed song with beats that soothed the soul,
I smiled back

"This is what life is all about."it whispered

the urge to pick it and flash its scent over my nose overwhelmed me,
 It was on a grave,I restrained,

They were not two but one.

Two weeks later as I manoeuvred through my fate.
I passedby the graves again,
the red rose was withered and brown in colour,
it leaves were green and the plant stronger and older.
wow,but next his grave,a pink rose was smiling,
silently and calmly,
no music but it was comforting,
My soul was calm but I saw…
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Iam a woman,
a mother,
but one day I was just a daughter.
A dream in the making, Someone thought well and wished me well.
Today I wish someone else well.
Iam a woman ,
When I was a daughter only,
I had dreams and wishes,
I went to school and tried my best,
I wanted to be somebody,
I really tried.
Today as a mother ,
I belong to someone,
Does he understand my girlhood dreams?
Maybe or maybe not, Sometimes I feel am just a mere woman,
A person who only should take care of his home,
children and him.
Others make me feel the same,
When they wish they married me,
When they wish I could be the mother of their kids, Don't they see another fountain in me? Iam a woman ,
My dreams are not dead, They bother me,
When you see me quiet,
Am making a plan,
One day I will look up and move ahead,
I will realize my dreams,
I will make my girlhood dreams a reality,
Look at that woman,
In the pavement selling groceries,
Patiently waiting for a customer,
The woman sitting ne…


Today as I was on my way to work, while inside the bus,I saw a woman on a wheelchair along the pavement, she was moving fast as someone was helping her push the wheelchair.On a closer look the guy who was pushing had one leg.He had folded his trouser almost three quarter above the knee measuring on the one leg he had.He was hoping but very fast.He was moving with ease better than a normal person.Somehow,I imagined how we are limited in our endeavour but that young man was not,even though the woman had a begging cup at the side of the wheelchair, as they were moving to their begging place in which they were late,they meant well.They were focused and that didn't stop them from going out.I thought of my problem and said am better am ok and I can move freely. Nothing should limit us if God has given us an opportunity to be alive.We need to face each day with courage and determination. In the evening I saw a coffin at the carrier of a matatu.My mind started arguing. The coffin owner w…

I FOUND ........

I have failed,
Not once or twice but hundred times,
I have been on opposite and wrong side of their thoughts,
I refused to satisfy their wish upon me,
Of course,
I refused to be trodden, However, before then,
I was on the right and exact place in their minds,
I was somehow naive or too ignorant, innocent,
My life was heading nowhere.
I had fallen,
I was trying to rise,
Yes I was rising,
Yet I was bent,
But still I was raising my eyes as I craved to see ahead,
I craved for hope ,
I found Faith,
I found strength,
I found peace,
I found a mightier power That always carries me through,
Each moment,
I fought fear.


A knock at the door,        another one at the bed room window;
a phone rang and she woke up.
At first,
she thought she was dreaming.
she woke up from her sweet nightmares.
She checked the phone ,
it was past midnight, precisely six minutes past one.
She was moody again.
She hates it every night when the man turned into a very familiar stranger.
She opened the door lock and headed to the kitchen ,
took a matchbox and lit the cooker and warmed the cabbages.
She went to the toilet and back to the kitchen.
The man had entered and had switched on the sitting room lights.
She looked in his eyes and saw many shadows,
She didn't recognize any of them .
she was looking for her own, it was not there neither was her face.
The stinky smell of alcohol and cigarette had filled the room
"Did the bulb burn?"he asked but she pretended not to have heard as she entered the kitchen and with a wooden spoon stirred the warming food.
He asked again.
"what happened to the bu…


It was quite a worry some day!
I thought,
The body was contacting the soul,
It has become a routine nowadays,
What is happening to us?
Emotions are rising high each day,
I ,the soul, am always suffocating within you,
The bitterness and anger ,
The idleness and indecision,
The pain and worthlessness,
What is happening to us?
It is too painful nowadays,
We seem lazy,
Of course, that is the exact word-LAZY
We wake up early  but aimless,
We then lack any plan,
We go back to sleep when others are gone,
When I get hungry I look for food and eat,
Am always tired and too emotional,
Am stuck here,
The mind doesn't seem any active,
What is happening to us?
Is it the end or beginning?
Where do we start?
I, body, am too weak!
I,soul, am soffocating!
I,mind, am lost in a multitude of useless ideas!
Let us have a nap may be we will be fine in waking.


No one will ever remember my grave,
let me be buried in a community graveyard ,
without a cross.
Let no one write a name on my grave.
I want to be forgotten,
just like Iam forgotten,
the same way I have struggled with no one to care or worry about my life.
Yes ,
I want all of you to forget I existed,
it may be hard ,
if you must remember me don't ever cry.
I existed only for nothing.
My life is finished,
done and over Iam broken beyond repair.
Anyway forgive me,
I don't know for why.
IAM with the devil now serving my eternal sentence.
Am happy my fate is already decided.
My life is over.
Goodbye everyone.