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As she tries to spin the next word the child cries.As she tries to ignore her she cries luodly.The mom leaves the chair and goes for the baby.How will she concentrate on this page?She puts the child on her thighs and lets her suck while she types with one finger.The story goes on ,she writes like one hudred words amd the child is satisfied.However,the baby tries to reach the keyboard and do as the mom does but then she hands over a pen and a book and the toddler starts doodling imitating the mother.

The toddler interupts again ,she wants the mom to draw a cat and with the slightest sounds she can make the mother takes the pen and fulfils the desire.How happy for attention,the kid gets busy and the mother writes more.OOPS,the child poops and gets restless,the mother leaves the desk and heads to change the nappy.The next thing the child needs some food,this mom has to put all tools down and do whats neccessary.The kid has messed up the floor and the utensils needs some cleaning.She scru…