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You have the ingredients,
Well phrased in a recipe,
Deep inside you!
It's up to you
To make the dish delicious.

As the days daintly danced on the calendar hanging on the wall,the heart faintly beat at the fear of failure.The fear to achieve and the fear to meet a deadline of a set work.Tic toc the clock repeated.It is the end of the year yet not all resolutions were met.Who will write new ones if not carrying forward the old ones!


She was heading to the village to attend a committee to prepare for her sisters wedding yet this day was the day she so much wanted to go to the market where she is a merchant.The lady was popular in the market and so this day many wanted to use her space to sell to her customers.However,it was not to be to them.As she was riding with her sister and other family members alot of phone calls were made but as busy and noisy the town is she couldn't hear the phone ringing,After settling comfortably in the vehicle and out of town she checked her phone and many were the missed calls.She was alarmed and thought of calling one of the callers.
"Hello,how are you?In which hospital were you admitted?" the person asked.
"What ?Why are you asking that?" she asked.
"Were you not in the lorry you usually travel with to the market?I have received the news that it was involved in an accident."the person said.
"Today I missed the market and am he…


A woman died suddenly.She was a woman full of mercy and good to everyone whom she ever met.She had so many friends as well as enemies.She went to heaven and was shown what caused her death.She was also reminded of the many times God warned her but she never heeded the small voice she always heard then.A feeling of bitterness overcame her and she cried so much.She was so regretful and wished she was alive.
"Stop crying my child ,you are safe with me." God comforted her.
"What is going to happen to my children?" she asked God fearfully.
"They will be fine.You will watch them while you are here?" God answered.
The woman was somehow happy and she made a request to God.
"When will my body be buried?" she asked.
"I know why you want to know and I have granted you your desire.It will be on Wedneday." God answered.
On the eve of her funeral when so many were gathered at her home she went there and watched how everyone was in sorrow and sadness…