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She was too dull,
as the other young ones,the stars of the world twinkled,
she was sleeping,
wondering why her body was aching,
listening to the beats of her heart,
too fragile to skip.
she wanted to dance and sing ,
just like the other birds ,
she wanted to fly and perch on the tallest tree in the forest,
but she couldn't,
she wanted to dive and float like all the other fish,
but she couldn,t.
Her body was aching.
She had a very high fever,
Her mouth was dry and bitter
She was shivering yet too hot,
she was vomiting yet in an empty stomach,
the apple she loves was too bitter
yet the sweetest.
her innocent eyes were too white
her lips too dry and dark brown,
She had malaria.
She was fighting and still fighting.


Exactly one and a half years ago,
I left a mark
the world had stolen me
stole me from my blog
I never updated it.
How corrupt can the world be!
Was busy here and there,doing this and that
I forgot the way to my blog,
I forgot my identity,my key to here.
Hooray,am here today!
It was such a beautiful and wonderful day!
Iam here ,strong and happy.
I have gone through fire but was not burnt,just polished.
I had fallen into a deep pit,but was not lost,otherwise,my maker rescued me.
How great is God,my maker!
He ashamed my enemies and defeated them.
Today Iam here stronger and wiser than before.
I learnt alot.
However ,alot of things are different.
The baby went to school,
The baby mom found a new business............................................................................................
A new life,in a different city ,bigger than before.

Today was such a beautiful and wonderful day ,living my life my way,
solving a puzzle on my way,
Finding a way into my blog!
What a night has tod…