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As green as grass,
is the reality in life.
the reality of everyday lives ,
the choices we make everyday,
the changes we make every moment.
it is more than you and  I can see,
only a sharp conscious sees the rest.

Our bodies are just like grass,
so green each day,
so dewy in the morning,
but then the diseases in it,
some we know some we don,t,
some will heal with time,
others with medication,
others will take us to the grave,
yet some we can avoid.
They are more than what you and I can see.

High choresterol and AIDS,
cancer and malaria,
yet we never die,
we never loose hope.
we wait for tomorrow,
some loose hope
while others carelessly take no caution,
they mix alcohol, smoking and poor diet,
promiscuous behavior,
adding a list to problems,
and decreases the chances of living longer,
because it is more than what you and I can see.


Why should I fear?
Why should I be discouraged?
Why should I be confused?
yet the one who lives in me,
The one who prophesied of my birth is still where He was then and today?
If the number of the sand in the sea He has numbered,
the fibre, branches and leaves in a tree,
the number of my hair,
what doesn,t He know?

He calls me by my name,
He knew I will be born,
my date of birth,
the fate and triumphs I will face on earth,
the valleys I will walk through,
the people I will touch,
positively and negatively,
the mess I will fall into,
and the healing to all my problems.

Even if all I see is darkness,
And nothing seems to add up to anything,
I shall not fear,
I will be encouraged and bold,
strong and hopeful,
because He knows everything about me,
He will turn everything in a brink of an eye.
My redeemer lives.