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When the forest caught fire and all the trees became charcoal and ash.The breeze was forgotten, the birds were never heard again.The grass was forgotten and only a black residue suffocated the soil.In just a few months rains fell,a heavy one,it washed the earth,and a sweet scent though accompanied with smoky smell filled the air.The second week and everything started to show some life.The grass,the burnt and dead started budding.In a month it was all green.A branch cut from it's  host,burnt  and hopelessly lying on the ground was being justified.It was budding in silence.Slowly, each day it was blossoming.It had more hope than we all saw in its charcoalish character that was bestowed on it by fire.It never lost hope,it never died,it kept on fighting daily,in the scorching Sun till rain vindicated it.
    How many times in our lives do we get burnt,face failure and are rendered hopeless and worthless, but then God comes and vindicates us.Heals us,washes us and clothes us afresh? No…

It is in writing where I realise the power of creation.It is the only place you can give a speech in silence but with strange thunder and lightening .It is where a flower can be planted,blossom,smell the scent and wither.Only where I can create a world from a formless universe.Create my Adam and Eve,my Cain and Abel,my Noah and Ark,my Isaac and Rebecca ,my Abraham and Sarah name them.I become a god with angels and a Lucifer to destroy.The urge to write is the urge to create more.I take a deep look into my archive and see the many worlds I have created.Some are incomplete while others are exaggerated.Some scare me and wonder how I created them,some touch my soul and revive it,some I just don't mind but tear and burn.The power of life and death is in my hands.I thought of it in my creations.That is when I realize ,God,really loves us!Yet we are too weak or blind to see that.He bestowed strange powers in each of us.He being the author of our lives,He knows better and unless we let him complete His world we cannot remain calm.He has the pen and only what he wrote or writing will be.Imagine,a book with my name in the library of God,complete and ready to be read with all the pages edited and no errors in it;with perfect binding and hard cover,all the people, events ;ugly and juicy together.The angels in turns or each who has a purpose to fulfil in my life grabbing a copy and reads ,then executes what is written at a time.A meeting on the high table on the next move,trying to find why am behaving this way and that way ,only to find it was a whole chapter of my life,with anguish and confusion.If all of us is a book in the library of God, how big could that library be?All names from A to z.Dead,alive and unborn,all in different corners. How big and busy is the God's press?The publishing houses, do they rest.But then,God is the author and editor and is strict,perfect and right,nothing is hard or too hard for Him.Thank you God for your awesomeness.