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Iam a woman,
a mother,
but one day I was just a daughter.
A dream in the making, Someone thought well and wished me well.
Today I wish someone else well.
Iam a woman ,
When I was a daughter only,
I had dreams and wishes,
I went to school and tried my best,
I wanted to be somebody,
I really tried.
Today as a mother ,
I belong to someone,
Does he understand my girlhood dreams?
Maybe or maybe not, Sometimes I feel am just a mere woman,
A person who only should take care of his home,
children and him.
Others make me feel the same,
When they wish they married me,
When they wish I could be the mother of their kids, Don't they see another fountain in me? Iam a woman ,
My dreams are not dead, They bother me,
When you see me quiet,
Am making a plan,
One day I will look up and move ahead,
I will realize my dreams,
I will make my girlhood dreams a reality,
Look at that woman,
In the pavement selling groceries,
Patiently waiting for a customer,
The woman sitting ne…


Today as I was on my way to work, while inside the bus,I saw a woman on a wheelchair along the pavement, she was moving fast as someone was helping her push the wheelchair.On a closer look the guy who was pushing had one leg.He had folded his trouser almost three quarter above the knee measuring on the one leg he had.He was hoping but very fast.He was moving with ease better than a normal person.Somehow,I imagined how we are limited in our endeavour but that young man was not,even though the woman had a begging cup at the side of the wheelchair, as they were moving to their begging place in which they were late,they meant well.They were focused and that didn't stop them from going out.I thought of my problem and said am better am ok and I can move freely. Nothing should limit us if God has given us an opportunity to be alive.We need to face each day with courage and determination. In the evening I saw a coffin at the carrier of a matatu.My mind started arguing. The coffin owner w…