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Iam a woman,
a mother,
but one day I was just a daughter.
A dream in the making, Someone thought well and wished me well.
Today I wish someone else well.
Iam a woman ,
When I was a daughter only,
I had dreams and wishes,
I went to school and tried my best,
I wanted to be somebody,
I really tried.
Today as a mother ,
I belong to someone,
Does he understand my girlhood dreams?
Maybe or maybe not, Sometimes I feel am just a mere woman,
A person who only should take care of his home,
children and him.
Others make me feel the same,
When they wish they married me,
When they wish I could be the mother of their kids, Don't they see another fountain in me?

Iam a woman ,
My dreams are not dead, They bother me,
When you see me quiet,
Am making a plan,
One day I will look up and move ahead,
I will realize my dreams,
I will make my girlhood dreams a reality,
Look at that woman,
In the pavement selling groceries,
Patiently waiting for a customer,
The woman sitting next in the bus, Passing in the street,
Holding her child wondering where the next meal will come from,
In the brothel,
in the farm.
She had a dream,
Maybe she forgot,
Maybe she lost hope,
But normally life gave her a responsibility with frustrations,
But still she quietly thinks of it,
she had a dream, She wishes for a chance to weave it.
Give her wings to fly.
What will the men who refused to marry her due to her ambitious nature then feel the pain,
Feel sorry for not marrying her,
Who will celebrate her today?
You too ,
you will be happy, Wherever she is mentioned you will be mentioned.
Give her wings to fly,
Give her a reason to smile again.
Iam a woman,
Love me,
support me and don't forget that one day I was a girl,
My girlhood dreams are still fighting within me. They never died,
I suppressed and try hard to suffocate them,
Yet they never die.
Iam a woman, a mother and a dream weaver.
I have dreams,
Not just to bear children, Not just to feed,cook,clean and be a wife,
I had a dream,
When you see me smile Just know that am progressing, Am realising something. Smile with me.
Dance with me if you find me dancing.

Iam a woman,
a fountain with dreams and hope,
Give me a platform to build my fountain.
Not in dreams ,
But in reality,
A memorial fountain,
In which generations will behold. What a fountain!

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No one will ever remember my grave,
let me be buried in a community graveyard ,
without a cross.
Let no one write a name on my grave.
I want to be forgotten,
just like Iam forgotten,
the same way I have struggled with no one to care or worry about my life.
Yes ,
I want all of you to forget I existed,
it may be hard ,
if you must remember me don't ever cry.
I existed only for nothing.
My life is finished,
done and over Iam broken beyond repair.
Anyway forgive me,
I don't know for why.
IAM with the devil now serving my eternal sentence.
Am happy my fate is already decided.
My life is over.
Goodbye everyone.


It was quite a worry some day!
I thought,
The body was contacting the soul,
It has become a routine nowadays,
What is happening to us?
Emotions are rising high each day,
I ,the soul, am always suffocating within you,
The bitterness and anger ,
The idleness and indecision,
The pain and worthlessness,
What is happening to us?
It is too painful nowadays,
We seem lazy,
Of course, that is the exact word-LAZY
We wake up early  but aimless,
We then lack any plan,
We go back to sleep when others are gone,
When I get hungry I look for food and eat,
Am always tired and too emotional,
Am stuck here,
The mind doesn't seem any active,
What is happening to us?
Is it the end or beginning?
Where do we start?
I, body, am too weak!
I,soul, am soffocating!
I,mind, am lost in a multitude of useless ideas!
Let us have a nap may be we will be fine in waking.