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I passed by his grave,
a red rose wooed me
it was beautiful and smiling at me.
I saw his face and the glitter in his eyes.
He died a year ago,
old and wise,
I had known him earlier, yet he was just a stranger,
till we became friends,
 then a mentor though in his last days in this bus of life.
He was old and ready for the other world.
his faith in God gave him strength each day,
and he feared not death.
The rose was singing a well composed song with beats that soothed the soul,
I smiled back

"This is what life is all about."it whispered

the urge to pick it and flash its scent over my nose overwhelmed me,
 It was on a grave,I restrained,

They were not two but one.

Two weeks later as I manoeuvred through my fate.
I passedby the graves again,
the red rose was withered and brown in colour,
it leaves were green and the plant stronger and older.
wow,but next his grave,a pink rose was smiling,
silently and calmly,
no music but it was comforting,
My soul was calm but I saw…